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Being a new Polytechnic is a rare opportunity for you to be a prospective student, more so it will be exciting and rewarding experience to make life time friends and discover new frontiers in your chosen career. The sky is no longer the limit. We have well qualified and motivated staff that can offer advice on issues relating to your academic pursuit including accommodation, counselling, planning your workload and mentoring. We are proud of our excellent facilities that are put in place to ensure that you are imparted with knowledge and skills to fulfil your life dream. The students are the centre of all our activity and are trained to be entrepreneurial in their approach to learning, leaning more towards self-employment and actualisation. Why not visit us and see for yourself the good reasons that make the Kebbi State Polytechnic Dakingari an excellent choice. The Polytechnic at Dakingari offers you unique opportunity to study in an atmosphere of peace, serene environment devoid of negative social distractions, and good linkage with employers and industry. As you join us, I welcome you and wish you a happy stay.

Our Mission:

Mission: The mission of any organization is the purpose that defines its functions and justifies its existence. The mission of Kebbi State Polytechnic, Dakingari is; To be a leading Polytechnic in academic excellence providing opportunities for learning and skills development capable of nurturing entrepreneurs and promoting adaptation and innovation in technology.The Polytechnic had an obligation to translate its mission into manageable and achievable targets that are carried out from time to time. The attainment of growth and development of both technological and managerial skills is articulated through well planned academic programmes and staff development. The institution shall encourage staff exchange through visiting, sabbatical leave and part time academic activity to fast track the attainment of the mission.

Our Vision:

Vision: The Polytechnic is a tertiary institution of learning set up to produce middle and higher level technical manpower for the national economy. The Polytechnic should therefore, champion the drive towards technological development. In pursuant of our mission the vision of the Polytechnic is; To be a famous world class Polytechnic supported through partnership to propel technological development by nurturing entrepreneurs for advancement of the nation.

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